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Dive straight into coding and technology exploration without the hassle of business requirements, design, and other routine.

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Choose a project in your area of interest and gain access to our notion-based template with everything you need to instantly start working and gain practical experience.

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A set of ready-to-use artifacts

You will get comprehensive project documentation, process descriptions, design and a well-defined backlog. All set to face new challenges head-on!

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Suitable for various individuals and purposes

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. Beginner Developers

Pet projects provide an excellent opportunity for novice programmers to practice, apply their skills, and create something real.

. Experienced Developers

For experienced developers, pet projects can serve as a platform for experimentation, learning new technologies, or solving specific technical challenges.

. Students and Learners

Students can leverage pet projects to apply knowledge gained in their studies and build a portfolio that enhances their job search.

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Become a specialist, not a generalist

Benefits over developing pet projects on your own

Everyone who has ever tried writing pet projects on their own knows that typically you face the challenge of lacking understanding of the domain area. You have to meticulously plan business processes, design, and user behavior — essentially, everything except gaining the experience you started the project for. This often leads people to give up on their pet projects.

  • Stay focused
  • Be motivated
  • Save time
  • Visible progress
  • Clear goals
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"The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus". — Bruce Lee

Inspiring Pet Project Ideas

Our goal is to provide diverse ideas for pet projects, allowing you to gain experience in new domains and technologies.

Project Management Tool

Create a project management tool with features for task tracking, team collaboration, file sharing, and progress reporting. Use a database to store project-related data.

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AI Music Composer

Create an AI-powered music composition tool that generates music based on user preferences. Users can specify genres, moods, and instruments.

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Collaborative Code Editor

Develop a web-based code editor that allows multiple users to collaboratively code in real-time. Include features like syntax highlighting and version control.

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Cryptocurrency Price Alert

Create a mobile app that allows users to set price alerts for specific cryptocurrencies. Users receive push notifications when the price reaches their specified threshold.

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Real-Time Chat Application

Develop a real-time chat application that supports one-on-one and group chats. Implement features like user status, message history and notifications.

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Questions & Answers

  • We offer a diverse range of materials, including project templates, fully elaborated backlog of tasks, design assets, and documentation to help you kickstart and start quickly gaining experience by focusing solely on task implementation.

  • Absolutely! We cater to all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn or an experienced developer seeking inspiration, our materials are designed to be accessible and beneficial for everyone. You can simply choose a project of the appropriate complexity.

  • So far, we are still in the launch phase. But we plan to offer both free and premium materials. While many resources are freely available, our premium content provides additional depth and advanced materials for a subscription fee. Explore both options to find what suits your needs.

  • Yes, you are free to use the materials for both personal and commercial projects. Our licensing allows flexibility for various applications.

  • Yes, our materials cover a wide range of programming languages and technologies. All because our projects allow for a free choice of technology stack and do not restrict you.

  • Upon purchase, you'll receive instant access to a personalized notion-based template where you can select a project of your interest and manage all your acquired materials. It's a seamless and user-friendly experience.

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